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Jewelry Care Instructions

Cold-enameled Champleve Jewelry

  • Cleaning
    • Clean after each wearing and before storing to reduce tarnish.
    • Tarnish is caused by contact with humidity, skin, salts, acids, sulfur gases, and other chemicals.
    • Tarnish can be removed by buffing gently with silver cleaning clothes.
    • Safe cleaning cloths are provided with your jewelry item.
    • Replacement safe cleaning cloths are available for purchase in our online boutique.
    • NEVER use: silver cleaning liquids or pastes, chemicals, abrasives, or ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Storage
    • Storing in provided fabric bag between wearings is recommended to reduce tarnish and protect against scratches.
    • Anti-tarnish pouches are available for purchase in our online boutique.
    • Store in acid-free jewelry boxes or containers only.
    • Do not expose to or store in temperatures above 140 F, 60 C.
    • Do not store in direct sunlight.
  • Use
    • Do not wear while swimming - chlorine and salt will discolor and corrode metals.
    • Wear while doing household chores and cleaing is not recommended.
    • Do not drop on hard or rough surfaces.
    • Avoid excessive contact with water, lotions, and perfumes.
    • Do not expose to flames.
    • Do not bend or reshape.
Last Update:  2021-09-22 21:50:22Z